Marek Cigáň

director, CEO, owner
Mark Empire, s.r.o.

Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 21st September 10:15 - 12:30
  • Friday 21st September 13:00 - 15:00

We are a private company Mark Empire, s.r.o. located in Levice. We cover the entire construction activities such as the laying of floor tiles, wall tiles, installation of plaster (ceilings, partitions, walls), masonry all kinds of materials, thermal insulation of polystyrene and nobasilom, casting (sheeting, formwork, DOKA, LIP), binding of iron, painting, machine plasters excavation, earth moving and demolition.   We are engaged in assembly, reconstruction and maintenance of electrical technical equipment as well as other works, relating thereto.    We are engaged in pipe welding and plastic, stainless steel and black material. Also, we weld sheet metal and steel structures. We weld oxy-acetylene, the stainless steel electrode, the black electrode material, a cellulose electrode, CO2 (135, 136, 138) and the welding and aluminum (131). Next, we weld argon, black and stainless steel material and also a combination of argon and electrode as well as various other combinations. We weld stainless steel material and welding machines at  Orbital. We carry out installation of stainless steel piping isometric drawings by the chemical,pharmaceutical and food industries. We assemble the piping of the black material of isometric drawings in power. We are dedicated to the installation of heating from black and stainless steel, and even with the use of press fitting. Furthermore, we pay fitting floor, plastic, copper and hliníkoplastového heating method of hard or soft solder. Also, we pay the installation of water and sanitary waste. We provide locksmith work and installation of steel structures by locksmith drawings. Further, we can provide  capacities from specialists such as welding engineers and inspectors welds IWE, IWT and IWP. We also devote work on CNC machines and installation of air conditioning.   All our staff have many years experience working in Slovakia and abroad. Some also operate foreign languages ​​as English, German, Italian, French, Hungarian and various others. According to the needs and scope of work we can provide relevant capacity.

Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Architectonic, design, construction engineering services

    Construction of buildings

      Building installation work

        Electrical installation

          Construction materials

            Heating, chimney structures, air conditioning

              Maintenance, renovation and modernisation

                Building 4.0

                  Tiling and bricklaying

                    Floors, roofs, painting

                      Sustainable constructions and Green buildings


                          Offer & Request

                          Engineering, building, elektro, production, distribution etc..

                          Engineering, building, elektro, production, distribution etc..