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Mifis Lackierung

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Mifis Lackierung is an innovative german company active in the field of individual colour and interior design for private living spaces, office or shop spaces as well as hotels. We offer modern solutions for all kind of surfaces with individual shaded lacquer of premium quality. 

Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Maintenance, renovation and modernisation



      Individual colour design for your building (indoor & outdoor area)

      “Mifis Lackierung” offers individual colour and interior design for:
      • private living space
      • office space
      • shop space
      • hotels

      Therefore we are looking for construction partners, architects and designers.

      The company can offer paintings of all kind of surfaces like aluminium, metal, stainless steel, titanium, synthetic material, glass, wood, 3D prints. For example it is possible the lacquer a façade and the company car with the same colour so that it fits the individual corporate design. Walls can be painted with the matching colour of stairs and railings, doors, covers, chairs and other furnishings even in combination with a company logo or integrated pictures.

      • premium lacquer which can be used for small and serial painting
      • all innovative shadings are possible
      • each shade can be offered in different metallic sizes (fine or coarse metallic) without changing the shade
      • the shade can be painted again if for example when the client want to add a new element to room or after something has to be repaired
      • different and rare colour cards from the USA
      • colour sample cards and small colour shapes which are hand painted

      • All shades can be coated in different haptics - high gloss, silky sheen, satin finish, dull
      • soft paint with a high resistance and scratch resistance
      • all shades are finally coated with 2K lacquer for high resistance
      • UV-, water-, solvent resistance
      • Surfaces are odorless (important for indoor)

      Keywords: paintinglacquercolour design
      Cooperation Offered
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