Paola Cassettari

Regional Sales Manager

Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 21st September 10:15 - 12:30
DescriptionEMMEDUE Advanced Building System is an innovative building system, whose core element is a modular panel industrially produced and made up of two galvanized electro-welded steel meshes, connected to each other by connectors, with an inner slab of expanded polystyrene. The Package offered by EMMEDUE includes the supply of the panel manufacturing plant and all connected services (engineering, installation, maintenance, training, etc.)
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Construction materials

    Sustainable constructions and Green buildings


      We offer innovative building panel system

      Looking for investors who are interested in our building system and willing to invest in the purchase of our panel manufacturing plants for their reference market - our targets: investors, construction or real estate companies, EPS producers or mesh producers, prefabricators.